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Not since Kate Smith sang the Irving Berlin standard at the break of World War II has the song [God Bless America] had as much impact on the American people.  We needed our voices heard and Daniel's operatic tenor voice rose high and strong on our behalf.   It was a "blessing" that our country so desperately needed.  ~Danny Grae, The Community Express

His voice resonates somewhere deep in your soul. Perhaps he has learned to tap into the love and kindness that all religions speak of with not only his voice, but by his kind and loving actions. ~Gabrielle Reilly, Global Townhall

I want to thank Daniel Rodriguez for lending his fabulous voice in tribute after tribute to the greatness of America. ~President George W. Bush - May 15, 2002 National Peace Officers Memorial Service

Sept 11, 2021 Ceremony and Concert "Day of Remembrance" 

I first met Daniel Rodriguez 10 years ago when we shared the stage together in a military concert in Ohio. We spoke back stage and agreed that "someday" we wanted to collaborate together. And so finally, we did. It was everything and more that I could have hoped. Symphonicity was superb as well. Together we performed Into the Fire, Nella Fantasia, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and God Bless America. Daniel and Marla were just so, so exquisite, not only in the performance but to collaborate with. And it was a performance that I'll have on repeat not just in my mind but in my heart for a long time.

Daniel W. Boothe, conductor Symphonicity, Chesapeake VA.



This evening I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Daniel Rodriguez at Constitution Hall in  Washington, D.C. I was stunned  by his performance, the beauty of his voice, and the sincerity of his  presentation.  He certainly  deserved the award he received tonight from our President General. 


Although I had heard him sing on TV several times, his  performance tonight brought tears streaming down my face.  Last night, I was on the same stage, singing as  part of the All-American DAR National Chorus, and now, the next night, I sat in the audience with the  chorus director, and listened to Mr. Rodriguez perform.  Both I and the chorus director were in tears, and  he certainly deserved the standing ovation that he received.


I was so inspired by his performance that I want to promote him and his talent whenever I can.  Everyone  should have a chance to hear him sing in person!  I certainly would like to send again congratulations to him on his receiving the prestigious DAR "Ellen Hardin Walworth Founders Medal for  Patriotism" tonight. 


Sincerely, Sandra Thomas, Ex-Regent, Henry Morrison Flagler Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Member, Sallie Harrison Chapter, DAR, Sanford (Orlando), Florida

What others are saying

September 2022. On that misguided day of absolute terror in 2001, our city of New York became the focal point of communal grief, after the towers collapsed. We remember never to forget the fallen, the first responders, their families, friends, & colleagues. Our thoughts are with you today, & everyday. Daniel, you are the soundtrack of the seemingly countless memorials of that time. God bless you for your generosity of spirit & your gift of song. M. P.

September 11, 2022.  I believe your voice was the sole candle in the room for many these past 21 years and I thank you for all you have given. ~Larry Wilcox, former Vietnam Vet and CHiPs star.

Daniel was the perfect speaker for our fundraising luncheon. His presentation was patriotic, uplifting, heart touching: an incredible celebration of the resiliency of those in recovery. His surprise ending deserved the standing ovation he received. ~Drug Ed. Council, Mobile, AL

I was so moved by his rehearsal - in ways I can't describe.  I've worked with plenty of singers before, but Daniel is by far the most compassionate, the most down home. He's a good hearted and funny guy, and a major talent.  He has an amazing gift to give to the world. ~Tom Scott, Conductor, Composer Musician

Imagine Mario Lanza with a redemptive shot of humility and you have a start on Daniel Rodriguez. An immensely likable figure on stage: gracious, modest, warm, funny and unassuming. ~Dave Tianen of Milwaukee Journal

The voice is glorious from top to bottom, the Italian diction perfect, but best of all was his stage presence. Years of constantly working in front of an audience have taught him how to bond instantly with with.  ~Classical Singer Magazine 

Daniel has a grace and presence that is truly remarkable. He touches people in a way that is rarely seen. There are many gifted singers out there, but few that have his humanity, and ability to inspire so many. He truly is 'America's Tenor. ~Terry Rindal, artist manager

Of course when I hear him sing the National Anthem, I already knew that it was a quality voice. I hear the real voice, and the  voice was really an operatic one. You see out of tragedy sometimes, as you say, it comes light, and the light for him is that everybody knows him, and he's going to be successful no matter what. ~Legendary tenor, Placido Domingo

Daniel Rodriguez heart was bigger than his voice, and it was evident he was the type of person that we would want to work with and put in front of the community. He's a great role model. ~Cathy Hawks, The Chapel music director, Fort Wayne Indiana

Even those of us familiar with Rodriguez's talent had no idea just how wonderful he would be.  Rodriguez is so much more than just one of 'New York City's finest' who can sing. He is a strong steady expressive tenor whose lower notes are filled with emotion - and whose high notes soar to the rafters. ~Rebecca Coudret, Evansville Courier & Press


Daniel, you are a wonder. I'm not familiar with that kind of singing. I've sold a lot of records, but I never hit a note in my life as full, rich and powerful as you. ~Pat Boone, Legendary recording artist.

Not only do you have the talent, the discipline but you have unbelievable humility, and a love for Jesus Christ and that passion comes through loud and clear. God loves you, so do I. ~Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Crystal Cathedral

"God Squad"- Father Tom Hartman, Rabbi Marc Gelman 

Daniel, We never had a chance to thank you personally, but at the time of 9-11, I was the President of the New York board of Rabbis and therefore I was asked to be a part of 'Prayer for America' on Sept 24th at Yankee stadium, and I was so upset. Tommy and I had done 20 or 30 funerals that week ... thousands of grieving people.

We were at the edge, really. We were at the edge of our capacity to just go on. I've never been so spiritually broken. There were lots of nice speeches and sermons, but it was your voice that healed me and gave me hope and returned me to the feeling that no matter how broken I felt at the moment, things would work out and It was not only the greatest song of that service, it was the greatest prayer.  

Thank You. ~Rabbi Gelman

Hello Mr. Rodriguez,

I was a funeral director for many of the 9-11 funerals you sang at during the worst time in USA history. Then and now, I will never forget your warm and beautiful voice, helping the families that were hurting so bad. You brought dignity and respect to a horrible situation.

You are surely God's gift to mankind and the world. I personally play your CD often as a source of inspiration when things get tough and I need to mentally pull out of it.


To acknowledge you in this letter is the least I can do in return for all you have done for the families, and to let you know what a dramatic impact you have had on the lives of many without even realizing it. If only more were like you, this world would be a wonderful place to live. God bless you always.


Roger Lee, Staten Island

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