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Tour Highlights: USA & International


The New York Tenors - 2011 to current

Daniel Rodriguez, Andy Cooney, Christopher Macchio

"O America"

"All three gentleman held the audience in rapt attention while performing individually but when they blended their voices, it was truly magnificent."  Eric Holland, NY1TV

The New York Tenors debut CD  

New York Tenors 2018
New York Tenors 2018
New York Tenors 2018

On Tour with Dallas Brass 2016-2019

"American Portraits"

American Portraits brings the energy and precision of Dallas Brass with the powerful vocals of Daniel Rodriguez “America’s Beloved Tenor”. 

American Portraits

New Zealand 2004-2023

The people here are full of traditions and have a real connection with the land. They have simple values and are always ready to show a stranger their hospitality. 

March 17, 2015, US Embassy with Ambassador Mark Gilbert. 

New Zealand Tenor Daniel Rodriguez

GreyMouth: Feb. 2011 concert for families of the Pike River miners lost in recent tragedy.

USA Tour: 2009-2010 & 2012-2013

"We lived the lyrics of Lee Holdridge's song "An American Hymn" as we travel across this beautiful country. I've seen silver mountain tops and prairies, mountain passes covered in fresh snow, amazing views beneath the Big Skies over Montana."  

The Netherlands 


"All around the Netherlands, Rodriguez' impressive voice warmed the ancient Dutch cathedrals, creating instant atmosphere. "An extra dimension to your average Christmas, this isn't just music, this is ministry."  ~Erick van Laar,

2005 Holiday Spectacular - 2004 Yuletide Celebration 

December 3 thru December 23, 2004, Daniel Rodriguez was host and performer at the Hilbert Theatre with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra "Yuletide". In 2005 Daniel returned as host for the inaugural production of "Holiday Spectacular" at the Meyerhoff with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jack Everly.

 Daniel Rodriguez "The First Noel" 5:22. Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: Yuletide Celebration, Volume I. check online for availability.

Yuletide 2004

"Although I was thrilled to be asked to host, I really wasn't sure what was expected of me.  I was told I just needed to sing, dance and be funny. Well singing is easy, I've done that all my life, and we found out in rehearsal that when I dance it's very funny." 

Aichi Japan 2005

Daniel travels to Aichi Japan for the 2005 Expo 2005 World's Fair with performance at the U.S. Pavilion.

EXPO 2005 - an audience of 22 million attendees. This celebration of youth gave visitors a chance to see the University of Southern California marching band, hear tenor Daniel Rodriguez sing the “Star Spangled Banner,” and “Kimigayo” on U.S. National Day.

JAPAN55 AM.jpg
JAPAN55 AM.jpg

Romania 2005

Daniel visits patients at Elias University hospital and Matei Balsa hospital for children. Several fund raising concerts were presented.

 Monaco 2004

International Police Association week: parade, meeting Prince of Monaco, and performance by Daniel at a requiem mass for Princess Grace of Monaco.

London, 2003

September 11

TV interview on the Des and Mel show with performance of "Be My Love"

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