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Daniel Rodriguez, former NYPD officer, now America's Beloved tenor, share his compelling story of triumph over drugs and alcohol that nearly destroyed his life.

He speaks about his journey of survival - from the dark days living on the streets of New York, to sharing his gift of voice after the 2001 terror attacks on America.

A source of hope and strength for people around the world, then and now, Daniel still suffers, like many others, both physically and emotionally from the lingering effects of 9/11. He continues today on his own personal journey of renewal.

Bring Daniel Rodriguez to your next event and hear his inspiring story.

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Daniel Rodriguez performing at the "Circle of Hope" dinner in Indianapolis. A fundraiser for Fairbanks, an alcohol and drug addiction recovery and treatment center.

Rodriguez shared a story many haven't heard, of being a two-time survivor. You may know that he survived the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center Towers as a New York City Police Officer rescuing others. But before that, he survived drug and alcohol addiction that threatened his life.

He shared a powerful story, and sang with a beautiful voice that also helped "heal the nation" after 9/11. He is the "Hope" of recovery.

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