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"On This Day" 

  Recorded with the U.S. Coast Guard Band 

New London, Conn. May 13, 2003. The United States Coast Guard Band, under the direction of Capt. Lewis J. Buckley, has teamed up with recording artist Daniel Rodriguez to record "On This Day." 


Charles Strouse, noted composer of Annie and Bye-Bye Birdie, wrote the song for the White House Commission on Remembrance as their Memorial Day anthem. "On This Day" will debut at 3PM observance of National Moment of Remembrance, Memorial Day.


The song will accompany a one-minute video tribute that will air at many public gatherings including Major League Baseball Games, the Liberty Bell, V.A. Hospitals, Voice of America, U.S. Embassies and Cemeteries abroad, National Parks, Armed Forces Network, US vessels at sea, Times Square, Malls, Airports, bus lines, the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and the Statue of Liberty. 


The recording unites the efforts of the United States Coast Guard Band, one of the nation's premier military bands, and "America's Tenor," Daniel Rodriguez. The recording was made at the band's headquarters in New London, Conn.


On This Day

The bugle has sounded, It's notes drift away.

This time now belongs to you.   
On this day for one brief moment, 

hear the silence in the air. 

Think of those, once there beside us,

now no longer there.
Then, don’t cry, but hear their laughter,

for their spirit lives inside,
Let that mystic stream of memory,

fill our hearts with pride!   
Make us humble, make us knowing,

and accepting what is done.
On this day for now forever, make this nation one!   
On this day for all the fallen, make this nation one! 


"This was a rare privilege, both to take part in the National Moment of Remembrance project and to work with Daniel Rodriguez," said Capt. Buckley.


Daniel receives parting gifts

Charles Strouse's new song, `On This Day,' is beautifully appropriate; and Daniel Rodriguez is a wonderful vocalist, a very nice gentleman, and an unabashed patriot.

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