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New York City, Sept. 26, 2021 
30,000 participate - Tunnel to Towers 5K.
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T2T sponsor reception/appreciation dinner, Sept. 25, 2021. Daniel performs with West Point Glee Club's Knightingales and Knight Caps. Photos by Chris Sorgente 

September 11, 2021. Chesapeake City Park, "Day of Remembrance". 
Ceremony - keynote speaker Tenor Daniel Rodriguez.  
Concert featuring Daniel Rodriguez, Marla Kavanaugh, with Symphonicity orchestra conducted by Daniel W. Boothe. 

America's Song

How a singing police officer comforted a grieving nation after 9/11 and why the moment couldn't last.

With his performance of “God Bless America” during Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, NYPD officer Daniel Rodriguez comforted a nation still grieving in the wake of 9/11. It felt like a timeless moment. Instead, it proved fleeting.  


Twenty years later, the reasons for that tell a story of the political divisions and embellished patriotism that now polarize American sports. The weight of it all can be felt through the struggles of Rodriguez, who’s still trying to bless people with his voice as America attempts to rediscover its own.


Join Washington Post sports columnist Jerry Brewer, sports features writer Kent Babb and audio producer Bishop Sand as they explore how a man and a nation have attempted to heal and find meaning after trauma and tragedy.

Special Appearances

Daniel returns to Angel Stadium - Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Angels,  Sunday September 19th, performing our National Anthem, "Take me out to the Ball Game", and "God Bless America".

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