Keynote Speaker

Bring Daniel Rodriguez

to your next event and 

hear his inspiring story.

Daniel Rodriguez, former NYPD officer, now America’s Beloved Tenor, shares his compelling story of triumph over drugs and alcohol that nearly destroyed his life.

He speaks about his journey of survival from the dark days living on the streets of New York, to sharing his gift of voice after the 2001 terror attacks on America.

At the Fairbanks "Circle of Hope" Gala, Indianapolis, Daniel shared a powerful story and sang with a beautiful voice that also helped heal the nation after 9/11. He is the "Hope" of Recovery.

Daniel was the perfect speaker for our luncheon. His presentation was patriotic, uplifting, heart touching: an incredible celebration of the resiliency of those in recovery. His surprise ending deserved the standing ovation he received. Drug Education Council, Mobile, Alabama.