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The Early Years

"I  grew up in a home filled with music. We really sang carols at Christmas time."

At 12 years old Daniel performed in his first musical as Jud Fry in "Oklahoma".

Daniel's potential was recognized at an early age by Elliot Dorfman, who brought him to the American Youth Repertory for serious study that set his musical foundation in place.

"I started studying Bel Canto. It was rigorous. Tuesday was piano lessons, Thursday was singing lessons, Friday was acting lessons, Saturday was actually in Manhattan. 8-10 hours of performance - rehearsals and performance. In one show I'd have a part, but I'm also the stage director. The next show I'm the lighting tech, the next show I'm working the sound boards. I learned a lot." ~Daniel

Daniel as Teen Angel in "Grease"

"The best way I can think of to give back all that I have been given is to pass on what I have learned. I believe that we grow by our experiences and we can help others grow by sharing those experiences.


I owe my career and even the life I lead, in part, to my mentor Elliot Dorfman who taught me the fundamentals of voice. He instilled in me a love for classical music and the romantic era of music where my spirit loves to roam. He took a chance on me and dedicated a large part of his life to teach me what I needed to survive in the music world."  ~Daniel

American Youth Repertory/American Theatrical Repertory

"I knew with his tremendous talent and strong aspirations that Daniel would definitely succeed in the future. In 1980 he had just turned sixteen, and gave his first vocal recital at the Del Terzo's Recital Studio in Carnegie Hall.  That summer as a reward for all his hard work, I took him out to see the West Coast. We went from San Francisco to Hollywood, including the Crystal Cathedral where he would later be a guest singer. Daniel took it all in, it helped him to expand his view of the country he lived in. Back in New York we went to museums, concerts, plays, etc., to enrich his experience." ~ Elliot Dorfman

With deep sadness we share the news of Elliot passing on May 18, 2017. Rest in peace dear friend.

Following Daniel's first formal performance at Del Terzo's Studio in Carnegie hall 1980, two more concerts followed at Carnegie's elegant Weill Recital Hall. By the third concert Daniel performed in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian. Selections ranged from classical to folk and popular.


Photos courtesy of Elliot Dorfman

Following high school, Daniel had to face the reality of giving up his dream of music to take on the role of provider for his young family. He had many jobs such: as cab driver, truck driver, cabinet maker, chef, working for the U.S. Postal Service and more, prior to joining the NY City Police Department.

"Broadway Magic"

In his mid 20's, Daniel organized an ensemble of professional singers and musicians, called "Broadway Magic." They performed at retirement communities, churches, and for special events around New York. 

Dear friends; 

We are a small ensemble of professional musicians who have performed for many churches and organizations throughout the Greater Metropolitan area. We have helped to raise over $50,000 in the past year and continue to help raise money for those less fortunate. 


Our show is called Broadway Magic and consists of popular selections from Broadway, old and new, as well as operettas, sacred music, and opera. Our ability to bring Broadway Magic to so many people has been a direct result of the support and interest of organizations such as the community mayors and all our friends. Broadway Magic was my dream to bring music of a lost era to people all over the world. After the first fund raiser I knew that there would be more to this show than just performing. I felt the overwhelming satisfaction of giving to those in need.


The show does 90% of its performances for fundraising. We built this show with the help of good friends, and wish to keep this show moving upwards for years to come. ~Daniel Rodriguez

Broadway Magic has grown since it's inception by Daniel Rodriguez many years ago. During that time, there have been many people who have participated in the show due to Daniel's giving nature and desire to share. When he asked me to be his guest in one of his shows, I accepted and was honored that he decided to include me. Yet I had no idea what I was to experience. Not only were the shows amazingly received, but Daniel always made himself available to the patrons in a very caring way. I was very taken by what I saw and knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of. 


Since that time, I have joined him in his endeavor to share wonderful music with the public. We have now combined our efforts as the new Broadway Magic becomes a reality. Yet even though I have become his partner, I will never forget that if it wasn't for the vision of Daniel Rodriguez, there would be no Broadway Magic. I thank him for his generosity and for allowing me to share in this wonderful quest... Together, I believe that we can reach the unreachable star.  ~Jorge Novoa

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